WaPo Reporter: Obama ‘Prejudged’ The Outcome Of Hillary’s FBI Investigation [VIDEO]

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Washington Post reporter Dan Balz said on Sunday that President Barack Obama “prejudged” the outcome of Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation arguing that he “made a political decision” to endorse her.

On ABC’s “This Week” guest host Martha Raddatz noted that former Attorney General Eric Holder got “involved” in the General David Petraeus case to which Balz replied, “He intervened in that case and changed the outcome of that.” (RELATED: Hillary: One Of The Potential Laws I Broke Is ‘A Mouthful’ [VIDEO])

“You have a similar issue, frankly, Martha, with the president of the United States. I mean, the president of the United States has endorsed Hillary Clinton. He is going to be campaigning with her. It is as if he has prejudged the outcome of this.” (RELATED: Washington Post Columnist: Bill Clinton Believes He’s Above The Law [VIDEO])

“Now, the White House has tried to treat this in a sense as a routine case, which is to say, keeping their hands off, staying away from it as far as possible. And yet, you do have the president having made a political decision to embrace her fully at a time when the outcome of the investigation is still not known publicly.” (RELATED: White House: Obama’s ‘View’ On Hillary Investigation Is ‘Not Relevant’ [VIDEO])

Yesterday, Clinton spent almost four hours at the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. being interviewed. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Interviewed For Nearly Four Hours At FBI Headquarters)

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