Democratic Senator Calls Founders ‘A Little Maniacal’ About Separation Of Powers [VIDEO]

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Kelly McDonald Contributor
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Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill called the Founding Fathers “a little maniacal” in their devotion to the separation of powers in an MSNBC interview flagged by the Free Beacon.

McCaskill made her comments during a Thursday appearance on “Morning Joe,” during which host Joe Scarborough questioned McCaskill for her blaming the GOP for all of Washington’s problems.

“You’re just talking about the Republicans and the Republican candidate for president. Is this just a problem of one party?” Scarborough asked. “Or is this a problem of a system that just has been divisive long before Donald Trump even became a Republican?”

McCaskill said, “Well, I think part of the problem is that our framers were a little maniacal in that if you look at other democracies around the world, when one party wins the congressional branch, they take the executive branch. Not in our country.”

Scarborough replied that the separation of powers was intended to protect the country against dictators, which some people fear is what Donald Trump might become if elected.