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Did Dylan Noble’s Life Matter?

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If you don’t know who Dylan Noble was, don’t blame me.

Pardes Seleh, Daily Wire:

Fresno police have released new footage yesterday of the white teen who was shot last week by police officers…

19-year-old Dylan Noble was shot four times after refusing to comply fully with officers’ demands to keep both hands up after he was pulled over. The officers demanded that Noble “Show both hands!” or he is “going to get shot, man!” but Noble still had one hand behind his back. Noble fell already after the first two shots, as shown in the body-camera video.

According to a recent statement by Police Chief Jerry Dyer, the officers who had shot Noble were actually responding to a report of a white man who was walking around with a rifle in the area.

Noble fit the description. He was stopped by the police, he didn’t obey their lawful orders, and they shot him.

Here’s the video. Be warned: If shows a young man being shot to death.

“I f***ing hate my life!” That’s what Noble said right before the shooting started.

I understand why the cops fired the initial shot. They thought the kid might have a gun, and he wasn’t doing what they told him to do. But I don’t understand why they kept shooting him after he was down. They need to answer for that. Noble’s parents are filing charges with the city, and I don’t blame them.

Here’s another thing I don’t understand: Didn’t these cops see that Dylan Noble was white?

For years, we’ve been told over and over that #BlackLivesMatter. We’ve been told that the police are running around killing black people indiscriminately. We’ve been told that it’s open season on African-Americans. The situation is so dire that the other day Obama even had to interrupt a cop’s funeral to scold cops for being racist.

If all that is true, why did these cops even have their guns out? They could see that Noble was white. Only black lives don’t matter to them. Right?

I guess we’ll just need to wait and see if the Nobles are invited to the White House. Let’s wait for mobs of white people to block freeways and burn down their own neighborhoods and chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

It seems unlikely, though. After all, if Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look much like Dylan Noble.