Matt Lewis Podcast: ‘Citizen Newt’

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Joshua Delk Contributor
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“If he picks Newt, it’s a statement of Trump’s security. If he picks Pence, it’s a statement of his own insecurity.” Trump will officially announce his vice presidential candidate for the election soon, and historian Craig Shirley thinks the clear choice for the Republican ticket should be Gingrich.

Author of the upcoming book Citizen Newt and three critically praised bestselling books on Ronald Reagan, Craig Shirley came on Matt Lewis and the News in the midst of the speculation over who Trump will pick for his running mate.

The choice of Gingrich is a clear one, said Shirley. “This is still the party of Reagan,” and Newt is the “most appropriate heir to the Reagan legacy.” In Trump’s campaign of “subtraction,” Gingrich would add an element of “addition” in his resilience, energy, and continuous political offensive against the establishment.

The “iron in his soul” places Gingrich as one of the great political figures of the era, akin to Churchill, Roosevelt, and Reagan. Few national politicians have had the kind of impact he’s had on the national stage over the last 40 years, said Shirley, and his impeccable record in congress would make him a powerful addition to the Trump ticket.

Moving on to book writing, Shirley shared advice to aspiring writers, and how after seven successful books he’s as still hard at work on new projects. One new project is in the works, he hinted: a never-been-done-before work on George Washington’s mother.

Gearing up for the RNC Convention next week, Matt and Shirley talk security and the long tradition of protests at conventions. Both agree that the presumptive nominee is sure to cause a stir. “This time around, it will be unprecedented,” according to Shirley, with plenty of “aging college professors” and “other assorted malcontents.”

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