Elbert Guillory Shares His Advice To Young Black People On Interacting With Police [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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CLEVELAND — Speaking of the recent shooting deaths of three Baton Rouge police officers, former Louisiana state Sen. Elbert Guillory tells The Daily Caller: “A very sad situation. America must get past this point.”

In a Facebook live interview on Tuesday, Guillory, a black Republican who has starred in a number of viral YouTube videos and is currently running for Congress, also discussed his thoughts on police interactions with young people in the African-American community.

“I’ve said two things basically to my friends on the police department,” Guillory said. “I’m from a law enforcement family. Not everyone belongs on the police force. And we must weed out those should not our wear badges and wield our power.”

“But what I say more frequently is to young black audiences — you cannot challenge police officers on the streets,” Guillory said. “They must be challenged in court. If you make the wrong mistake on the streets, you’ll wind up in the graveyard. And you cannot challenge from the graveyard.”

Watch The Daily Caller’s full interview with Guillory from the Republican National Convention on Donald Trump and his run for Congress.

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