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Here Are The Parts Of Melania Trump’s Speech That Were Stolen From Michelle Obama [VIDEO]

(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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As Betsy Rothstein notes, last night Melania Trump plagiarized material from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech. Hey, if you’re gonna steal, steal from the… um…

It happened, and it’s not even a question. See for yourself:

Clip courtesy of Yair Rosenberg:, who also notes:

You have not yet begun to be humiliated, Trumpkins. Chris “Big Mac” Christie was just the canary in the coal mine.

But just like everything else in the stupidest election of my lifetime, this is not going to change anybody’s mind. Either you’ve seen through these ridiculous hucksters already, or you’ll come up with some excuse to ease your cognitive dissonance. Tell yourself it doesn’t matter because #MAGA, or demand to know why the people pointing out the truth are so in love with Michelle Obama, or accuse us of just being jealous that Trump has such a smokin’-hot wife, or whatever. Facts can’t be facts if they mean you’re wrong about something. And how could you be wrong? You’re you!

I would’ve preferred to beat Hillary Clinton in November, but you guys wanted it your way. Now you’re got it, and you can leave me out of it. #NeverTrump

Update: “But she didn’t write it!” Welllllll…

Update: Just look at these globalist GOPe cucks and their facts.