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Bath Time

Georgia Williams Contributor
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Good afternoon, happy Convention Day Three, and a reminder to bust out the Purell for all you convention attendees.



There is norovirus at the RNC. Don’t panic just yet, because the virus is contained and there have been no new cases in 36 hours. According to the Washington Examiner, “the head of the Erie County Department of Health told STAT that they believe the norovirus started in California and was transmitted to members of the delegation.” (Classic California.)

NBC’s “Today Show” is asking the questions that need to be asked this morning, devoting a segment to discovering the compelling reason of why the buttons on men’s and women’s shirts are on opposite sides. Not a joke. (If you’re wondering, the answer has something to do about maids buttoning their mistress’ shirts for them, à la Downton Abbey).

Trevor Noah over at Comedy Central is at the RNC for The Daily Show and talked to Politico‘s Hadas Gold about the high density of political figures in Cleveland. Speaking about his tactics at the RNC, Noah told Gold, “We are essentially Pokemon Go of politicians. We’re trying to catch them all and they happen to be in this place; that’s why you come to the place they all are.”

Oh my God, it’s 2016, y’all. Nickelodeon is about to feature the first biracial same-sex married couple on a children’s cartoon show. Say that again 5 times fast! Seriously, though, I’m glad that Nickelodeon is including different types of families in their show, and not in a super heavy-handed way.