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Glenn Thrush Explains That Lip-Smacking Sound You Hear In His Podcasts

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico reporter Glenn Thrush‘s “Off Message” podcast is becoming quite a hit.

To his credit, few are without scoops.

A friend recently suggested I listen to his podcast for a long car trip. But it came with a warning that included a larger commentary on journalism: “I enjoy Glenn’s interviews even as he annoys me by inserting his own little anecdotes and opinions. He clearly thinks very highly of himself. Wish they could edit out some of his stuff.”

As for that lip-smacking sound some of you may hear when you listen, that actually has to do with something happening inside Thrush’s mouth. When a listener — Steve Brady (a.k.a. HorsePlaySteve), an LA actor and comedian — complained on Twitter, here’s what Thrush had to say:



Steve Brady: Good interview. I’m not saying this to be snarky — is there a way to reduce the lip-snacking? Different mic?

(I’m going to go ahead and assume Brady means lip smacking not lip snacking.)

Glenn Thrush: I have a retainer-type thing I have to wear for the next 6 months — trying to work around it.

Steve Brady: Sorry, then. I notice it on other podcasts, too (including Kristol’s), so I thought it was equipment deal. Thanks.

Glenn Thrush: It is a huge pain in the ass — but I’m trying.

And there you have it: A human moment in modern journalism.