Trump Calls For Protests: Hillary Should Not Receive Intel Briefings [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump said on Thursday Hillary Clinton should not receive the standard classified intelligence briefings for presidential nominees and called on his supporters to “protest.”

At town hall event in Portland, Maine, the Republican nominee said while discussing Clinton, “In fact, we’re both supposed to be briefed in the not too distant future and I’m saying, ‘You can’t brief her. You can’t brief her.’ Let’s protest.”

According to Trump, Clinton’s “email scandal put our entire country at risk. Made our sensitive secrets vulnerable to hacking by foreign adversaries. I mean they hacked all over the place. They’re hacked, I guess. Who’s got ’em?'” (RELATED: Krauthammer: Trump’s Russia Comment ‘Set A Trap That The Clinton Campaign Fell Right Into’ [VIDEO])

Clinton “lost 33,000 emails,” Trump continued. Adding, “How is it possible, what kind of a number was that. She said it was the wedding and yoga,” referring to the now deleted emails deemed to be personal from her time as secretary of state.

Later, he criticized Clinton for her interview on Fox News Sunday when she, in Trump’s words, “lied.” (RELATED: Hillary, Chris Wallace Spar Over Her Classified Emails [VIDEO])

“They said she was negligent,” Trump said. But “this weekend, she went out and said, ‘No, no, no, I think you must have misunderstood.'”

Clinton “has a big problem,” Trump said. Arguing, “There’s something going on there. Look, look, she has got a problem… Has anyone ever seen a liar like that ever before? She’s made everybody less safe.”

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