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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

You can save a ton of money by brewing your own coffee instead of buying it from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or any other expensive café. So, why aren’t you doing it? Perhaps it’s because you don’t like the taste of the typical canister of ground coffee you get in the grocery store.

There is an answer for this: Grinding your own coffee beans. This is by far the most economical way to consistently drink good-tasting coffee. But first you need a coffee grinder. Luckily, this one is 52 percent off:

This grinder is currently $25 off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $50, this grinder is currently $25 off (Photo via Amazon)

Manual Grinder, Aidodo Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill Hand Grinder Lightweight on sale for $23.66

It has a 5 out of 5-star rating by customers, so you know this grinder is really, really good.

Here’s what user Ace Karge says:

We have wanted a burr grinder for a while but couldn’t afford an electric one. When we saw this manual coffee grinder I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. We love it!
This is a pretty nice little coffee grinder. It has a nice glass compartment for the coffee that comes off and has a lid so you can just store the coffee grinds in there; it is quiet. We have a baby in the house and he gets quite scared by the electric coffee grinder. Sometimes it even wakes him up when he is a sleep in his nursery; it is ceramic. So it is going to last longer and makes virtually no noise! The burrs made the coffee beans into a super-fine powder. Blade grinders couldn’t do that. I have had it for about a month now and it does a really good job of grinding up my coffee. The coffee smells so good when ground up with this coffee grinder. I have had no issues with it leaving clumps or anything getting stuck. It works really easily and is easy to hold onto while grinding the coffee. It is a good size for me since I am the only one who drinks coffee in my house. I am pretty happy with this product. It is quuite easy to clean.
If you are looking for a burr grinder but can’t afford the high price of a electric one, this little wonder is a great option.

Cathy Warren is thinking along the same lines:

Wonderful coffee grinder powered by humans. No electric needed which makes it especially nice for travel or when the power goes out. Don’t over fill with beans has it will make it difficult to grind. This is an excellent quality coffee grinder. Very simple to use just put in the coffee and turn the handle. I use this to ground beans for my french coffee press.To set the coarseness of the grind the first time, I simply eyeballed the distance between the two ceramic burrs to get the size grind I thought I wanted for the French press and set the stop there. It came out perfectly the first time so I have not found the need to adjust the grind, which would be easy enough to do. The beans are all ground fairly evenly and I find less sediment in my pressed coffee than when I was using my electric blade grinder. I decant my pressed coffee into a stainless steel thermos (which has been warmed with boiling water while the coffee is brewing). By the time I have the rest of my breakfast prepared, any sediment has settled to the bottom of the thermos and I pour off perfectly clear coffee.
A coffee grinder will solve all your problems REUTERS/YT Haryono/Files

A REUTERS/YT Haryono/Files

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