Adventurer Alison Teal Surfs By An Erupting Volcano [VIDEO]

(Photo credit: YouTube/Alison's Adventures/Screengrab)

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Alison Teal refers to herself as a “female Indiana Jones with a cause, a camel, and a pink eco surfboard.” The adventurer became famous after surviving Discovery Channel’s “Naked And Afraid” and has since started a film series documenting her wild adventures.

Most recently, Teal tried surfing waves generated by a Hawaii volcano eruption. Although Alison didn’t quite catch the wave, this video is still worth watching.

Teal inherited her daring drive from her adventure photographer parents, who raised her while traveling the world. The “Naked And Afraid” survivor aims to educate the world by “sharing secrets of survival, sustainability and happiness” through her series of short films.

The bikini-clad adventurer also has a pretty incredible Instagram account.

She’s worth following wherever she goes.

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