NYC Posters Call For Jailing Gawker Founder

Scott Greer Contributor
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Some people in New York City believe Gawker founder and CEO Nick Denton belongs in jail. Posters have recently appeared near Gawker’s New York headquarters with the headline “GUILTY” above an image of Denton behind bars with his name across his chest.

The posters accuse Denton of “Publishing Nude Photos of a Minor, Criminal Invasion of Privacy, Lying to a Federal Judge, Blackmail, Stalking, Revenge Porn” The poster is attributed to the group “Women Against Revenge Porn.”

It seems that Gawker and Denton’s history of publishing sex tapes has created some very passionate foes, and the posters may be in response to the introduction of a bi-partisan bill in Congress aimed at criminalizing revenge porn. The measure has been dubbed by a few observers as the “Gawker bill.” (RELATED: Could A Revenge Porn Bill Send Gawker’s Founder To Jail?)

The poster also names “Unindicted co-conspirators” as Buzzfeed, Ziff Davis, The Rubicon Project, Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, New York Times.”

Digital publisher Ziff Davis has entered a bid to buy the bankrupt Gawker Media. The Rubicon Project is a digital advertising project that has partnered with Gawker. The rest of the “co-conspirators” have defended Gawker over Hulk Hogan’s successful lawsuit against the media outlet for publishing a sex tape of the famous wrestler. (RELATED: Federal Judge Makes Gawker Chief Pay Out Millions To Hulk Hogan)

The posters come out as news reports suggest that Gawker may finally settle its appeals claims with Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea. On top of that, Denton declared personal bankruptcy earlier this month and just had to go to court to defend throwing a reunion party for Gawker staff while insolvent.

Gawker Media is scheduled to be sold at a bankruptcy at auction on Monday, with Davis expected to make the purchase.

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