Bob Woodward Blasts Hillary Clinton’s ‘Habit Of Secrecy’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bob Woodward blasted Hillary Clinton on Tuesday for her “habit of secrecy” and “culture of concealment.”

Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” co-host Gayle King asked Woodward what to look for in the FBI’s notes from their interview with Clinton, which reportedly are soon to be released to Congress. Woodward replied, “You know, God knows. I mean, there are thousands of emails that the FBI said that they uncovered that were not turned over. I mean, take anyone’s emails, thousands of them, there could be something there, maybe not.”

“Do you see this as being a serious issue,” King followed up.

“Very serious issue. So many unanswered questions. You know, let’s face it, Hillary Clinton just has not come totally clean on this. And she would serve herself well if she would do that.”

Fellow co-host Charlie Rose followed up, “Bob, why do you think she hasn’t?”

“Habit of secrecy. The whole idea of the private server was so no one would know,” Woodward replied. “And it’s a very bad habit. And… people say if she became president, are we going to have some kind of transparency? Is there going to be a culture of straight talk, rather than a culture of concealment.”

Despite the lack of press conferences Clinton has conducted while campaigning for president, Woodward went on to say that “It’s not about press conferences. It should be — she should certainly should have them. but she should do serious interviews with serious people who really want to look at all of this. You can’t do it on the fly. And she’s trying to do it on the fly. And this is a giant mistake.”

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