Clay Travis Criticizes Politically Correct Culture, Jack Daniels Pulls Ad Deal

Clay Travis (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Fox Sports Live)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jack Daniels pulled an advertisement deal with Fox Sports personality and Outkick The Coverage founder Clay Travis over two tweets criticizing Vanderbilt University.

Travis lambasted Vanderbilt for spending $1.2 million to remove the word “Confederate” from a school building. Two tweets that the Outkick founder sent ended his deal, which would have paid him $3,000 for a post on Facebook and Twitter while at a Jack Daniels event for their Jack Fire cinnamon liquor.

The outspoken pundit published an article titled, “Jack Daniels Finds My Civil War Opinions Offensive,” on Wednesday explaining how Jack Daniels ended his deal. (VIDEO: Clay Travis: ‘Nobody Saves More Lives For Black People Than The Police’)

Travis says the alcohol company sent him an email stating he’d broken the part of the deal:

the Influencer will not commit any act which brings (Jack Fire) into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule, or which insults or offends the general community to which (Jack Fire’s) advertising and publicity materials are directed, or which might tend to injure the success of (Jack Fire) or any of (Jack Fire’s) products or services including, without limitation, disparaging (Jack Fire), its products or services, or its competitors.

Travis fired back Wednesday writing that the company’s decision is an example that “in many instances you don’t have the right to have an opinion that differs from a corporation’s opinion and remain employed by that corporation.”

He also wrote that the decision “should be terrifying to reasonable people on the left and right of our political spectrum. And those, like me, who are radical moderates.”

It looks like Travis’ righteous fight against the politically correct culture in America will continue for at least one more day thanks to Jack Daniels.

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