Meet Trump’s New Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on Wednesday that the campaign’s decision to make significant changes 82 days out from the election “doesn’t feel” like a shake-up.

Appearing on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom,” host Bill Hemmer said, “Campaign manager is different from a campaign chairman, which Paul Manafort still is, correct?” (RELATED: Trump Shakes Up Campaign; Taps Breitbart News Executive To Run Campaign)

“Absolutely,” Conway replied before Hemmer asked her what the difference was between being campaign manager and campaign chairman.

“So, there are many roles and responsibilities for each of us. There is so much to do between now and election day, Bill and Martha, over the next 12 weeks. And so we’re trying to expand the senior team that allows us to meet the needs.”

“We want to deny Hillary Clinton the Oval Office and make good on the promise to millions and millions and millions of Americans who have expressed their support for Donald Trump in the primaries and also in the general. And we also are going to be coordinating with our state directors, with our folks on the ground. We’re beefing up our field operations, our data operation. And we feel really good about expanding this team.”

“I know some are calling it a shake-up. And it is really not. It doesn’t feel that way,” Conway added.

“Define for us then why this change was necessary,” Hemmer said.

“Because it is a busy homestretch to Election Day and we just need to sort of beef up the senior level roles in a way that we are dividing and conquering,” Conway replied. “There is just a great deal to do. And I think Paul Manafort as chairman and Rick Gates as deputy have done a phenomenal job in building out this campaign over the last maybe five or six months to put it in a place that’s competitive going into the fall.”

“I think my role will be TV, but also flying on the plane with Mr. Trump more and certainly working with our many different messaging partners in our coalitions, just to make sure that we are all coordinating and doing [it] together. We’ll never have the money and never have the manpower that Hillary Clinton has in Brooklyn, but we don’t need it because quality candidates matter. And people want a dynamic, honest, messenger in their presidential candidate that they can trust.”

In addition to Conway’s promotion to campaign manager of Trump’s campaign, Stephen K. Bannon, the top executive Breitbart News, is now the new CEO of the campaign.


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