Ryan Lochte: There Was No Need For A Gun To Be Pulled In Rio

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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American superstar swimmer Ryan Lochte said there was no reason to be held up at gunpoint in Rio.

“There was no reason for a gun to be pulled out for us for doing nothing,” Lochte told NBC’s Matt Lauer in the recently released full interview with the Olympic star. (RELATED: Hookstead’s Hot Take: Obama Should Have Sent The Military To Rescue Our Swimmers)

He also added, “There was no reason for us to be sitting down with a gun pointed at us for nothing that we did.” (SLIDESHOW: This Nearly Naked Model Is All The Motivation You Need For The Olympics)


Lochte and three of his teammates were involved in a massive scandal after he claimed to have been robbed. (RELATED: American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Admits Parts Of His Robbery Story Aren’t True [VIDEO])

However, the story told by Lochte and his teammates was called into question by Brazilian authorities. The polarizing superstar admitted parts of his story were exaggerated, but there’s no doubt money was taken from the swimmers at gun point. (RELATED: Ryan Lochte: ‘I Let My Team Down’ [VIDEO])

Lochte’s interview with Matt Lauer has been the only interview he’s done since returning to America.

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