Trump: Huma’s Husband Anthony Weiner Is A ‘Pervert Sleaze’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump blasted top aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedine’s husband Anthony Weiner on Monday calling him a “pervert sleaze.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump to comment on the report that Clinton’s aide Huma Abedine wrote for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which has a message that is as “anti-woman as you can get.” The report notes that Abedine’s mother is the editor and that in 2002, the journal wrote that the US was to blame for the 9/11 attack.

Kilmeade noted that the Clinton campaign said that Abedine’s name was “just on there. She didn’t really do anything. She had ‘no formal role’… [at] the radical Muslim journal.”

Trump responded, “You know it’s interesting because of course that’s terrible. And it shouldn’t happen. It’s a lie, another lie that they tell. But what about the fact that Huma Abedin who knows every single thing about Hillary Clinton — she knows more about Hillary than Hillary knows and she’s married to a pervert sleaze named Anthony Weiner who will send anything that he has out over Twitter or any other form of getting it out.” (RELATED: Sydney Leathers Says Anthony Weiner Is Still Sexting Other Women)

“I mean, she’s married to Anthony Weiner. She knows everything that Hillary Clinton is doing. And she’s married to a guy who has no control over himself,” Trump argued.

“Of course, if this was the story that involved somebody with the last name of Trump, it would have been a big story in the mainstream media but because it’s on the political left, not so much,” co-host Steve Doocy added.

“If this was Trump, it was so big, you’d call up and say, ‘I’m so sorry for you, isn’t that sad.'”


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