Trump: Hillary’s Emails Are ‘Watergate All Over Again’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton on Thursday arguing that her deletion of tens of thousands of emails is “Watergate all over again.”

During a campaign rally Manchester, New Hampshire, “The FBI found thousands of work-related emails she failed to turn over, including the new discovery this week of 15,000 more work-related emails she did not disclose. What is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in American political history. It’s Watergate all over again, it’s Watergate.” (RELATED: Giuliani: The Clinton Foundation Scandal Is ‘Going To Be Bigger Than Watergate’ [VIDEO])

Clinton is “being totally protected by our government,” Trump added. “The Secretary of State sold her office to corporations and foreign governments, betraying the public trust, putting innocent lives in danger and then she went to great lengths to hide, delete, destroy and lie about the evidence.”

“Just like her lie that she never sent any material marked classified. Total lie,” Trump said. “Lie after lie after lie. This is the corruption we expect to see in a third world country, but not in the United States of America.”

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