German Kids In Hitler Mustaches Pick Fight With Jewish Kids, Punishment Is A Trip To The Holocaust Museum

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Students at a German-Argentine school in Buenos Aires will have to visit Argentina’s Holocaust Museum for picking a fight with Jewish students at a party while wearing Nazi swastikas and Hitler mustaches.

The fight took place on Tuesday in the Argentine ski resort town of Bariloche in the Andes mountains; it is currently winter in Argentina. Lanus Oeste German School and ORT Jewish School students were on a field trip from Buenos Aires and got into a brawl when the German students provoked the confrontation by wearing Nazi symbols.

Argentina is known to have been the destination of choice for many Nazis fleeing war crimes charges after World War II. Bariloche, where the anti-Semitic incident took place, became the adopted hometown of SS Captain Erich Priebke, one of the most infamous Nazi  leaders of Germany’s campaign in Italy. Priebke is personally responsible for having organized the extrajudicial killing of 335 Italians in a single, deadly massacre. The Nazi officer died under house arrest in October 2013 in Rome, without regrets for his heinous crimes.

The South American country’s sordid past as a haven for Nazi war criminals such as Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann, has made the school fight garner international attention. Three students from the German school that caused the incident were sent home on Thursday, while the remainder of their classmates will stay in the mountain resort town until August 29. Students from the Jewish school went back to Buenos Aires on Wednesday.

Argentine Education Minister Esteban Bullrich said the incident was “regrettable.” Seven students were kicked out of the youth nightclub because of the confrontation, five from the German school and two from the Jewish school. The students involved from both schools will now visit the Argentine Holocaust Museum together. Gustavo Sakkal, President of the Argentine Holocaust Museum said, “a joke can lead to the most horrific things in history.”

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