‘Stop De Blasio’ Line Added To November Ballot In New York

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

Upper East Side Republicans in New York City concerned about Donald Trump’s candidacy harming down ticket races won approval from the Board of Elections for the creation of the “Stop de Blasio line” on the November ballot.

Designed specifically for two local Republican Assembly candidates on the Upper East Side, the “Stop de Blasio line” allows for residents both politically affiliated and non-affiliated of the tony neighborhood, unhappy with the New York City Democratic mayor, to vote for the GOP candidates.

“We’re hoping this becomes a movement into next year,” New York County GOP Chairwoman Adele Malpass told The New York Post, noting how easy petition carriers found it to get 1,300 signature needed to make tthe “Stop de Blasio’’ line in each of the Assembly districts.

“We’d go out on the street for signatures saying that we’re creating a line to stop Bill de Blasio and lots of people would say, ‘I’m a lifelong Democrat but he’s got to go,’” she said.

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