ISIS Bans Burkas At Security Centers

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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*Editor’s Note: 9/7/16 : New information shows this report to be false.

ISIS banned the wearing of burkas at security sites in a northern Iraqi city in spite of previously demanding women wear the garment, Iran Front Page reported.

According to a report by Al Alam News, translated by IFP, ISIS mandated under brutal enforcement that women in their territory in Iraq and Syria wear a burqa and niqab in the last two years. But this changed, a source told IFP, when a fully veiled woman killed several ISIS commanders and members in the last few months.

IFP notes that previous reports showed photos of women in the liberated Syrian city of Manbij burning what appears to be burkas. The Daily Mail reported of similar celebrations in other areas of Syria.

Women in Syria and Iraq were previously beaten or sometimes killed by ISIS’s “morality police” for not wearing a veil to conceal their body and eyes, The Daily Mail reported.

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