Duterte Tells Radicals: ‘I Will Eat You Alive’

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The president of the Philippines threatens to rip apart and eat Muslim militants in response to recent acts of terror and violence.

“They will pay. When the time comes, I will eat you in front of people,” President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday before a group of Filipinos in Laos, reports the Manila Standard. Duterte is a bombastic leader known for outrageous statements.

“If you make me mad, in all honesty, I will eat you alive, raw.”

The target of Duterte’s rhetoric was the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), a group of Islamic militants previously loyal to al-Qaida but now working with the Islamic State. ASG kidnaps hostages for ransom, beheads captive prisoners, and engages Philippine troops in open combat.

Duterte argues that lawless terrorists are “beyond redemption.”

“If I have to face them, you know I can eat humans. I will really open up your body. Just give me salt and vinegar, and I will eat you,” said the Philippine president.

ASG is reportedly responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Phillipines history, specifically the bombing of a ferry in 2004 which killed over a hundred people.

ASG fighters killed 15 Philippine soldiers in a bloody battle in the south last week. Duterte sent additional troops to the region, raising the troop count to 7,500. He has ordered them to go “full force” to eliminate the ASG threat.

An improvised explosive device consisting of two mortars connected to a wire was detonated in Davao last Friday. The attack killed 14 and injured 67 people. ASG claimed responsibility for the bombing the next day, reports the Philippine Star. The bombing led Duterte to declare a “state of lawlessness.”

“Go ahead. Set off bombs. Time will come when I will eat you in front of people. I will devour you and if I have to, erase you,” said Duterte.

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