Need A New Kitchen Knife? Here Is Half Off A Real Good One

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How’s your kitchen knife situation right now? Maybe it’s lacking, maybe it’s manageable. Either way, it is hard to think of a scenario in which you couldn’t use this Suzaru knife. This ultra sharp 8-inch ceramic knife has an enviable 4.9 star customer rating. Put it this way: 91 percent of reviewers have given it the perfect five stars, reserved for exceptional products. Best of all, it is currently 50 percent off.

Getting this knife now will save you 40 bucks (Photo via Amazon)

This knife normally costs 80 bucks (Photo via Amazon)

Suzaru Professional Chef’s Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set on sale for $39.88

The reviews all comment on how great this knife is. Only three reviewers gave it less than 5 stars, and they all gave it 4 stars. One of them seemed generally fearful of the knife just because of how sharp it is. (That person’s review was titled “Scary Knife.”) Reviews such as this one by Dennis Crawford were far more typical:

I have used the traditional metal knives my entire life. I have a very expensive set of Global knives that I absolutely LOVE. I was selected to receive one of these 8 Inch Ceramic Knives at a significant discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company.

Let me start out by saying I was very skeptical.  When you use something you love for so long, it’s hard to change.  Some of my chef friends have told me to try using a ceramic knife and again – I was reluctant.  Since this opportunity to test this knife out happened, it’s made me a believer.

The knife is light weight – a lot lighter than traditional knives.  It felt a little flimsy when I first used it but WOW can this knife cut.  Holy Moly!!! I mean this is a serious knife.  My mind was blown.  This is a professional knife for amateur and chefs alike.    The blade is super sharp and cuts with precision.  The handle and ergonomics of the knife itself is fantastic.  Very well made.  I literally had no expectations that this ceramic chef’s knife would be this good.  It is.  IT IS THIS GOOD!!!  Well worth the money!  It’s even less expensive than the knives I currently own.  Highly recommend!!!

This is a solid buy even at $80. At under $40? It’s a no-brainer.

Here's half off an AMAZING kitchen knife (Photo via Amazon)

Here’s half off an AMAZING kitchen knife (Photo via Amazon)

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