Professor Who Blamed US For 9/11 Rips Down Memorial Posters As College Blocks Event [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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As the nation prepares for the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, one college is having none of it. Saddleback College in California blocked a conservative student group from holding a memorial on campus, and when the group put up posters for the anniversary anyway, a history professor who once blamed US imperialism for the attacks quickly tore them down.

The College Fix reports, “Kyle Chiu, a 21-year-old junior and the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s vice chair, told The College Fix campus leaders refused to grant their club active status because officials want to change some parts of the group’s bylaws. With that, he said, a previously approved 9/11 memorial slated for Sept. 8 was canceled.”

When the group put up “Never Forget” posters on campus anyway, history Professor Margot Lovett came along right behind them and tore them off the walls.


On September 13, 2001, just 2 days after the attacks, Lovett told her fellow faculty members a press release from a New York group called the Black Radical Congress contained “most cogent analysis” of the attacks she’d seen.

In the release Lovett brought forth, the group blamed the United States for the attack. “One clearly sees the callousness and evil intent with which U.S. imperialism treats the lives and property of others, especially non-white peoples around the globe,” the release read.

When Lovett received pushback for her support for the Black Radical Congress statement blaming the US, she defended it by blaming racism, saying, “If the heading had said this was from the Republican National Committee or some Quaker group, I wonder if people would have been more accepting of what the statement said.”

When Lovett realized she was being filmed tearing down the posters, she approached the students and said she was doing so because they did not have the required student body approved stamp on them.

Chu told the College Fix, “It breaks my heart to see such petty reasoning as to why we can’t honor fallen Americans.”