Trump Addresses Social Conservatives, Says It’s Their Last Opportunity

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump addressed a social conservative conference Friday afternoon and promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment, while also attacking Hillary Clinton and saying that ISIS is dreaming of her presidency.

The Johnson Amendment, named after President Lyndon Johnson, doesn’t allow for tax exempt organizations to back or oppose political candidates. The Republican nominee recounted a meeting with church leaders who wanted to back him that couldn’t and he said he realized random people on the street were more powerful.

As has happened in this election with respect to North Korea’ Kim Jong Un and Russia’ Vladimir Putin, Trump praised Johnson even though he disagreed with his policy. Trump said you “have to have respect for what he was able to do.”

Trump said at the Value Voters Summit that repealing the Johnson amendment is “not going to be hard,” and doing so would be the “only way I’m going to heaven.” The Republican nominee told attendees they would “never have this opportunity again.” Trump notably did not discuss abortion during the speech. Pro-life advocate and Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks told The Daily Caller after the speech that if “every Christian heard that they’d be Trump supporters.”

Despite many off the cuff moments, Trump utilized the help of a teleprompter. Rep. Franks said Trump has improved his use of it “1000 percent.” Franks said it helps Trump “stay on message” and that it in fact gives us a clearer insight into the Republican nominee.

The GOP nominee also stuck to many of his recent talking points, arguing that minority candidates have nothing to lose by voting for him and attacking Clinton. The crowd gave a standing ovation when Trump said Clinton is “unfit” for the presidency.

His line during the speech about ISIS “dreaming” of a Clinton presidency seems to be a direct response to Clinton saying that ISIS “prays” for Trump to win. This is similar to when Trump called Hillary Clinton a “bigot” after her advertisement connecting him with the Ku Klux Klan.