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If They Say Hillary Has Pneumonia, Then I Guess She Has Pneumonia

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First things first: Here’s wishing Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery. There’s obviously something wrong with her physically, as a lot of people have been speculating for some time. Just last week, her health was enough of an issue for the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza to ask, “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?” When WaPo is begging you not to ask questions about a Democrat, that’s when you know you’re asking the right questions.

There’s just no avoiding the issue, after a guy named Zdenek Gazda posted the following video yesterday:

Now, forget for a moment that this is the Democratic Party’s candidate for president. Forget your opinions about everything she’s said and done for the past 25 years. Imagine this is your mom or your wife or somebody else you care about. It’s tough to watch. She all but collapsed and had to be carried into the van. That’s not good.

So I hope she rests up and gets well soon. I don’t like her as a politician and I’ll never vote for her, but she’s still a human being. Some things transcend politics.

Of course, she and her campaign haven’t made it easy to be sympathetic. When news first broke of her “medical episode,” they claimed she was just “overheated.” That excuse didn’t really wash when people looked at the weather report for NYC. Then this video popped up, and there’s just no spinning it.

So now the campaign is saying she has pneumonia. Barring any hard evidence to the contrary, for the moment I’ll assume this is true. Just as I was supposed to assume “she just overheated” was true. We’re always supposed to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt, because for some reason she’s earned it. Okay then, it’s pneumonia. That isn’t anything to mess with, especially for someone her age. She needs to rest.

Hey, you know who looks like he’s in fine fettle, despite the rigors of the past year? You know who’s even older than Hillary, yet appears to be in much better health? This guy:

I don’t see anybody carrying him. He’s wearing a suit jacket in summer and everything. And just look at that cat move!

But hey, it’s your choice, Democrats. I’m sure you know what you’re doing. Besides, Trump is old and fat too, so you can complain about how sexist it is to notice Hillary being carried into her van.

And now, it’s time for you to yell at me for posting this and hurting your feelings. It’s my fault that this is happening. Blame me.

P.S. This seems like a fair question: “Why did Hillary hug a child while suffering from pneumonia?”