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It’s Going To Be A Long Day For MTV’s Ana Marie Cox

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Like many journalists these days, MTV’s Ana Marie Cox Twitter feed is turning into a sewage pot of crazy after her Thursday morning appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

In the spirit of backing journalists’ ability to do their jobs without a swarm of online mental disarray gushing their way, I’m siding with Cox.

She did nothing wrong. She isn’t a “race baiter.” She spoke her mind.

On “Morning Joe,” Cox, who has never tried to pretend she isn’t a progressive, said the following: “I feel like if Hillary wins in the fall, it’ll be because the black and brown people of America have saved us, like they do a lot of the time.”

Political comedian Tim Young, who isn’t laughing, went on the attack.

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Cox defended herself as best as she could.

“I see nothing controversial about what I said here,” she wrote.

And in direct reaction to Young: “Race-baiting?”

Here’s some of the reaction she received:

“Wow what a scumbag bitch. No wonder she works for Mtv. she wants to keep blacks in poverty. Racist.”

The Daily Caller and The Week media columnist Matt Lewis has another perspective on Cox.

“I like her,” he told The Mirror when asked about Cox and her latest commentary. “She was on my podcast a while back. She became a Christian, but people shouldn’t confuse that with her becoming a conservative. She’s most decidedly a liberal. What is more, her statement is probably factually true. If Hillary wins, it will be because blacks and Hispanics turned out at high enough levels for her to win.”

Finally, there’s this.

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I think a few of us can relate.