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Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Birther’ Media Stunt Convinced Me To Abandon My Principles And Support Him

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Donald Trump is a big-government liberal who used his mastery of the media to nab the GOP nomination. And because he’s running as a Republican, most of the media feel duty-bound to oppose him. They were fine with using him for ratings, but playtime is over now. They have to get him, no matter what. The more games he plays with them, the more enraged they get. At this point, they’re willing to call down an air strike on their own position if they think he’ll get taken out too. Which is pretty much what happened today, when Trump lured a bunch of reporters into what they thought would be a press conference about the dumb “birther” thing. But then he turned it into an infomercial for himself. He made the media do exactly what he wanted them to do, and they’re furious that they fell for it. Tee hee! I don’t like it when Trump mocks journalists’ physical infirmities, but I’m fine with him exploiting their emotional ones. That’s why I’ve decided to give in, once and for all. Here’s why I’ll be voting for Donald Trump on November 8, and why you should too:


What Trump did today was great, and I’m glad a bunch of amateur con artists with press passes were humiliated by a pro. But as fun and satisfying as schadenfreude may be, it’s not enough to convince me to vote for someone. Just because some people think they have to attack Trump because he’s running as a Republican, that doesn’t mean I need to defend him when I don’t believe it’s right.

I understand if you’re disappointed, but I remain:


P.S. Uh-oh, better try some virtue signalling to win you back…