America Is Drowning In Terrorist Cells

J.P. Carroll/The Daily Caller News Foundation

Bryan Crabtree Host, The Bryan Crabtree Show
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This past weekend was a ‘weekend of terror.’ In the Minnesota mall stabbings, victims were asked if they were Muslim before being stabbed, two bombs in New York (one which detonated injuring nearly thirty people), and multiple explosive devices found on a New Jersey train station.

NBC reported that authorities fear there may be an active terrorist cell in the New York City or New Jersey. Ahmad Khan Rhami (28 years old) was captured after a shoot-out with police for the events in New York and New Jersey.

We’ve since learned he was a deadbeat dad who took multiple, lengthy trips to Afghanistan, didn’t pay his child support and was frequently outspoken about how he hated America.

I’ve written extensively about how our immigration policies are ultimately destroying our country. When we bring refugees or immigrants from extremely archaic countries like Afghanistan and inject them into our modern fast-paced society we are creating a toxic event that is bound to erupt in damage and death.

Too many of these people believe in sharia law and other destructive cultural norms (from their homeland) that are antithetical to our culture and values in the United States. In many cases, they simply cannot assimilate.

We are drowning in terrorism in America.

If you fell into the ocean with your shoes and your backpack attached and started sinking, what would be the first thing you should do? Even liberals would say “drop the extra weight and then start swimming.”

When it comes to immigration, the liberals’ approach is to add another backpack with a few pounds of lead.

At minimum, we must temporarily stop Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees from entering this country. Most Americans understand the overwhelming majority of these immigrants are not terrorists. It only takes a few. Do we want even more?

Last week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated that it was the Obama administration and State Department’s goal to admit 130,000 refugees in 2017. When challenged by reporter, he allayed concerns by saying these would be refugees not just from the Middle East but from various parts of the world.

This doesn’t sound as bad does it? But consider that the ‘Near East’ includes countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Turkey. All of these countries are rampant with terrorist cells who would like nothing more than to enter the United States of America.

Let’s throw on a few more pounds of weight while we try to “swim our way’ out of the mess we’ve created!

In the wake of this past weekend’s terrorist events, many on the Left have suggested that these events have nothing to do with our immigration policies. If Rhami was born in Afghanistan, immigrated to America and was naturalized as a US citizen, then how can this be true? He came through our immigration and vetting system and it failed. Period!

Democrats believe that if someone goes through our incompetent bureaucracy, checks a few boxes that say ‘I am not a terrorist’ (or that they’re seeking asylum) that they have been properly vetted.

Democrats pivoted to bashing Donald Trump’s policies as being ‘used as a recruitment tool for ISIS.’

In liberal fashion: “This terrorist attack is Trump’s fault. The ‘Deplorables’ are the reason for this,” not our political-correctness and functionless immigration system.

Rhami sued a local police department for Muslim-profiling in Elizabeth, New Jersey, frequently spoke of his hatred of America, spoke ill of America because of our gay rights, took long trips to Afghanistan and was a deadbeat dad who didn’t pay his child support.

Since he was fully vetted by our ‘system’ and was ‘naturalized’ we had no reason to be alarmed, right? Liberals have made it nearly a crime to watch, follow or prosecute someone ‘like him.’ He cleverly used our legal system to create an invisible shield which allowed him to go undetected (even with ample warning signs apparent).

Another reason he went undetected results from our importation of ‘America-haters’ rendering authorities ill-equipped to keep track of the volume of leads.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kane, believes she is qualified because she helped create legislation for first responders to receive benefits after ‘September 11.’ He inferred this was a prevailing qualification for fighting ISIS. In other words, “We’re going to have attacks. We just need to make sure we have enough people to clean up the damage and death thereafter. Hillary does a better job of that.” He didn’t say those words, but his statement reveals that line of thinking.

For the sake of their continued power and personal vanity, many liberals choose more terrorist attacks as opposed to losing an election by being honest about our need for a major policy change in the fight against ISIS.