Dem Congressman’s Insane Mental Gymnastics — Why Hillary Losing In The Polls Doesn’t Matter [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Congressman Luis Gutierrez told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Friday that he doesn’t believe the polls showing Hillary Clinton tied or losing to Donald Trump in battleground states are accurate.

“If you look at some of the battleground polls, she’s virtually tied if not behind Donald Trump in some key swing states,” Melvin posed to the Illinois Democrat. She is a former secretary of state. She’s a senator from a massive state. She has spent more than $100 million on TV ads. Why has she not been able to close the deal yet?”

“Here’s what I think is going to happen because the American people haven’t closed the deal yet on it,” Gutierrez responded. “You look at Florida, pretty close, right?”

“One day Trump, another day Hillary,” he continued. “We’ll give you that, but who has the infrastructure to get out the vote on election day? That’s the Hillary Clinton campaign and that’s what you’re going to find, the kind of methodical get out the vote campaign and infrastructure that a campaign has.”

“It isn’t someone who has not prepared for the eventuality of almost everything,” Gutierrez nonsensically stated.

“There’s another. I got to tell you that I really believe Latinos particularly are really being undercounted in these polls, in Florida and elsewhere. Look, I usually get about 30,000 votes in a primary. This time, this past March, 95,000 votes. I didn’t get taller, I didn’t grow hair. I didn’t become more articulate. I didn’t change my clothes. I didn’t get younger. I think more people came out to vote because of the way my congressional district is put together.”

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