Holy Cow You HAVE To See This Ridiculous Deal On A $1,000 Watch

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I’ll get to the point. This Invicta watch normally costs $1,000. Right now, it is on sale for only $200. That’s crazy talk.

Invicta is the best of both worlds when it comes to watch brands. Founded as a Swiss watch company in 1837, the watches draw on classic Swiss techniques that make timepieces from that country the best in the world. But, as of 1991, Invicta is an American company, with its headquarters in Florida. What could be better than a Swiss watch from America?

This beautiful watch is 80 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

This beautiful watch is 80 percent off, so you have the unique opportunity to save $800 (Photo via Amazon)

Invicta Men’s 0932 Anatomic Subaqua Collection Chronograph Watch on sale for $197.88

This watch isn’t just a must-own because of the deal. (Although in this case, that’s almost enough). Nope, just take a look at the customer reviews, and you’ll see why people love this watch.

Andy calls the watch “Amazing!!”:

Hands down my favorite watch in my collection. This thing is just wow! If you are into big watches you have to get this one. Every where i go i get compliments on this thing. My own brother steals it from my room and wears the thing. He just cant keep his hands off. You wont be disappointed! Looks great and its been functioning with no problems after 2 months of so of me having it. Definitely recommend!!

Laura Sandoval added even more exclamation points to her review, titled “Perfect!!!!!”:

I got this for my boyfriend and the watch looks even better in person. The colors are great, it looks and feels of very high quality. It’s a bit heavy and he loves it. It’s everything i expected it to be. Invicta never disappoints.

And Bryan puts it in the pantheon of watches:

Best watch I have ever owned. Starts a conversation every time someone looks at it for the first time. I Also tested it in the pool and no issues.

There are 125 total customer reviews, and 80 percent have given it the unbeatable 5 out of 5 star rating. That, my friend, is how a product ends up with an enviable 4.7 stars. It is hard to say any watch is a “must-own,” but this comes pretty darn close.

WATCH The Unboxing Of This Invicta Watch:

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