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This Week In Gun News: Conceal Carrier Kills Terrorist, Politicians Use Bombings To Advance Gun Control, Woman Kills Home Invaders

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Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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Lessons From Terror In St. Cloud

This past weekend, we had a number of terrorist attacks. One of them was at the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where a jihadi of Somali origin carried out a knife attack. The jihadi, as al-Shabaab terrorists did at the Westgate Mall in Kenya, asked some potential victims if they were Muslim before attacking. The attack was halted by the actions of an off-duty cop, Jason Falconer, who shot the terrorist dead.

Falconer, who is also a NRA-certified firearms instructor and who is a competitive shooter in events sponsored by the United States Practical Shooting Association, is rightly being hailed as a hero, but the first lesson is one gun-grabbers never admit: The way you stop these attacks is to introduce decisive countervailing force as quickly as possible. That happened in St. Cloud, where Falconer used a gun to stop the knife attack. I’m willing to bet his gun’s magazine held more than ten rounds, too. It didn’t happen in San Bernardino or Orlando. This should be a lesson about how dangerous gun-free zones are to law-abiding citizens.

Durbin Dispels Doubt – He’s Dumb

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) is not exactly a friend to law-abiding gun owners. He’s also a bit of a dim bulb. Durbin dispelled all doubt that he’s dumb by claiming that the knife and bomb attacks over this past weekend were a reason to pass new gun control laws. Mostly, this is to address the so-called “terror gap” – the fact that people on certain watch lists are not prohibited from buying firearms.

Now, let’s be honest here. Placing people on those lists is done by the government, often with little oversight. The no-fly list once featured Senator Ted Kennedy, and there have been other screw-ups as well. The same has to be true for the terrorist watch list. If anything, there have been problems as well, because a number of the jihadis who have carried out attacks were never on the list.

But let’s be honest here. The problem isn’t guns. The problem is the fact that we’ve got real problems vetting people who come here. And most of those come from certain countries. Maybe Durbin should be more willing to support tougher background checks for people who wish to enter the United States and leave law-abiding gun owners alone.

2016 Is For All The Marbles

If the Scalia vacancy was not enough to get motivated to have Donald Trump nominating people to serve on the Supreme Court, maybe this Sixth Circuit ruling will change people’s minds. In a 10-6 en banc ruling, the court threw out 18 USC 922(g)(4) on the grounds that a lifetime ban was not warranted if someone was committed to a mental institution for treatment of an issue, particularly if the issue had been resolved.

Right now, SCOTUS has a 4-4 tie. That Scalia vacancy will decide the future of Second Amendment rights. Hillary Clinton has said that the Supreme Court’s landmark Heller decision was wrong – and her nominees would overturn it if they got the chance. If so, then Dianne Feinstein could very well get the chance to pass a semi-auto ban along the lines of “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn `em in.”



Debunking A Gun-Grabber’s BS

Gun-grabbers try a lot of stunts. Jason Kander, a candidate for the United States Senate from Missouri, tried one when he assembled an AR-15 blindfolded in a TV ad. Well, the NRA-ILA was on the case, and dropped an ad in response, reminding people that Kander twice refused to answer candidate questionnaires (a sign of in difference, if not outright hostility, to the rights and concerns of law-abiding gun owners), and also cast numerous votes against law-abiding gun owners.


NRA has endorsed Senator Roy Blunt for re-election.


Good Gal With A Gun 1, Home Invaders 0

A Gwinnett County, Georgia woman got a very rude 4 AM wakeup call when three hoodlums kicked her front door in. The unidentified woman, who owned a restaurant in the area, retrieved a gun, and confronted the bad guys, who opened fire on her.

That was the last mistake for one of the hoods, who was killed by the sharp-shooting homeowner. The other two fled. Authorities do not expect the homeowner to be charged in the shooting.

Just remember this, folks: If Hillary and other gun-grabbers had their way, at best this woman would have had nothing more than a phone to protect herself.

Harold Hutchison