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Morning Mirror: A Day Of Sneezing And Avoiding Twitter Brawls

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Trump’s plans to bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities reminds me that while I was writing Art of the Deal he was openly cheating on Ivana.”

Tony Schwartz, Art of the Deal ghostwriter.



Gary Johnson’s ‘Memory Lagoon’ 

“Yet another Gary Johnson memory lagoon on live TV. Dude is turning into a walking advertisement against drug use.” — CNN analyst Ana Navarro.

“It can’t be that he doesn’t know any – so does he have some kind of mental deficiency we should know about? I’m serious.” — BBC’s Katty Kay.

Journalist narrowly avoids Twitter fight 

Kucinich is the Washington Bureau Chief for The Daily Beast. Pearson is a teen journo who has been published in TIME and HuffPost, among other outlets.



“So @RichardDreyfuss and I are literally the only people at this showing of The Magnificent Seven.” — Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss.

Journo maintains a sense of humor on the campaign trail 

Ken Vogel is a reporter for Politico. Alex P. Keaton is a character from TV’s “Family Ties.” 


In her dreams…

“Had a dream (nightmare, actually) that I went back to the Hill to work as a defense LC. I need to get out more.” — Allison Preiss, director of media relations for the Center for American Progress.

Profiles in courage…

“So let me get this straight, it took a lot of courage for Trump to lose the debate the other night. Let’s hope he’s courageous again.” — John Aravosis, editor, AMERICAblog.

Washington consultant has been sneezing for 36 hours. Can you help her? 

“My seasonal allergy situation is taking a dark turn. I’ve now been sneezing for 36 hours. Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, steam showers, even wine–nothing is helping.” — Tracy Sefl, consultant, formerly with The Glover Park Group.

Convo Between Two ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts 

Mike Barnicle: “When Trump said some 400 pound guy in bed might be DNC hacker was he taking a cheap shot at Chris Christie?”

Mika Brzezinski: “OF COURSE NOT Mike–for Trump, it’s only problematic when WOMEN gain weight. #wow #SAD”

Journalist is ready for Zzzzzz’s 

“Words cannot express how tired I am. 5 more weeks.” — Shoshana Weissman, The Weekly Standard.

Donald Trump’s Children: They’re JUST like us 


Mika Brzezinski shows off her ‘Miss Piggy’

“This is MY miss piggy .. And yes Donald, she LOVES to eat. #rescuecat” — MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Brzezinski on Instagram.