Hillary’s Campaign Manager Is STILL Calling Trump Supporters ‘Deplorable’ On TV [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that most of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorable” on Sunday.

“A lot of it simply isn’t true, you know,” Mook said of Donald Trump’s latest ad attacking Clinton’s “50 percent” comment. “The FBI said, uh, that there was no wrongdoing that they would bring against Secretary Clinton.”

“Um, I think a lot of the people that stand behind Donald Trump are deplorable,” he continued. “And the things that they say are deplorable.”

Mook stated that Trump “has had a really bad week.”

“He has spun out of control subsequent to that insulting Alicia Machado, his 3 a.m. tweet storm, you know, his campaign is just spinning out. They’re grasping for anything that they can that they can throw back.”

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