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Laws Don’t Apply To The Clintons

REUTERS/Jason Reed.

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There was a time when I thought stories like the following actually mattered. I thought that knowing the truth changed things. I thought that laws, even if they didn’t apply to everybody, still meant something.

Nope! Fox News:

Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices, House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday.

Sources said the arrangement with former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson also limited the search to no later than Jan. 31, 2015. This meant investigators could not review documents for the period after the email server became public — in turn preventing the bureau from discovering if there was any evidence of obstruction of justice, sources said.

If you think the Democratic Party and their enablers are going to allow a few pesky laws to jeopardize their grip on power, you haven’t been paying attention for the past 8 years. It’s Hillary’s turn, and nothing is going to ruin it for her.

This doesn’t matter. Nothing Hillary Clinton has ever said or done is going to change anything. Likewise, nobody really cares about Trump’s taxes or how he treats women or anything else about him. An “October surprise” is impossible, because nothing about either of these two candidates is a surprise. They’ve both been in the public eye for decades. The only surprise would be if one of them gave me a reason to vote other than, “Well, at least I’m not the other one.”

I don’t know much about the philosophical underpinnings of nihilism, which is fitting, really. The more I learn about the world, the more knowledge I gain, the less power I have. Ignorance really is strength.

Join me. Embrace the meaninglessness of existence.

Or don’t, it doesn’t really matter.

Jim Treacher