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#NotAllMuslims Defeated By Faulty Suicide Vest

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It’s not easy being an Islamic terrorist. You pray five times a day, you make sure all your friends know that you hate the infidels as much as they do, and so forth. You’re a team player. You’re doing everything right. Then, one day, some knucklehead has to go and send you to Heaven before you’ve even earned your 72 virgins! Ain’t that always the way?

Paddy Dinham, Daily Mail:

A major terrorist attack by ISIS was foiled by a faulty explosive device before it had even began.

16 of their fighters, including senior figures, have reportedly been killed when the malfunctioning suicide vest went off in one of their meetings…

And it is not the first time this year that they have managed to accidentally take out their own troops, with around a dozen extremists being killed in eastern Afghanistan in March when they accidentally set off a bomb that they were trying to plant.

No video, unfortunately. But here’s a fun clip of a previous group of geniuses blowing themselves up:

Dang. Good thing Simon Cowell never thought of that one!

(Hat tip: Jack Heretik)