Hack Shows MSNBC Producer Going Full Hillary Fangirl In Email To Clinton Campaign

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

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The hacked emails of an influential Clinton insider give the public a glimpse into the relationship between the Clinton campaign and the mainstream press.

In an April 2015 email to Clinton campaign spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod, editorial producer for MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” Sheara Braun reached out to the Clinton campaign about booking an appearance with a Clinton aide.

In the email, Braun gushed over Clinton’s personal qualities — expressing awe for the “amazing, intelligent ” Clinton — and dismissed a handful of prominent scandals attached to the Clintons as “crap and nonsense.”

“Hey Adrienne,” Braun wrote, “Thanks for your help in getting Karen on with Chris the other night. I have a question for you. As you guys have probably seen, we’ve been airing a ‘Hillary Clinton for Millennials’ segment on our program every night this past week.”

“The point of the segment is basically to inform young people about all of the crap and nonsense that Sec. Clinton and President Clinton (but mostly Sec. Clinton) had to face back in the 90s when President Clinton was running for office…everything from cookie-gate to stand-by-your-man-gate to Hillarycare.”

Braun inquired about booking someone from Clinton’s inner circle for an interview on MSNBC. Braun promptly returned to talking about Clinton.

“The point isn’t to dwell on the past but the point is to talk about this amazing, intelligent woman who probably faced more nonsense back in the day because she is a woman…and she continues to have to face it. She is smarter than most men and more qualified than most men to be president.”

Elrod forwarded the email to Clinton insider Capricia Marsha to ask if she could go on the show.

The email was included in a document dump from Marsha’s email account on Tuesday. Marsha’s emails were published on the website DCLeaks, which has been accused of acting as a front for Russian hackers. (RELATED: Hacker Releases Tons Of Emails From Clinton State Department Insider)

Included in the email dump were emails apparently sent from Hillary Clinton’s personal email account, as first reported by The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross. (RELATED: REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s New Email Address)

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