Clinton Campaign: Hillary’s Previous Support Of Open Borders Is About ‘Energy Policy’


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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ST. LOUIS, MO — Hillary Clinton said “her dream” is a “hemispheric common market” with “open borders” in a 2013 private speech to a Brazilian bank, according to a leaked transcript. Her campaign told The Daily Caller Sunday that comment was about “energy policy.”

“She does not support an open borders immigration policy,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said to TheDC after the second presidential debate. “What she has talked about in the past in having a multi-national approach to promoting clean energy so we have transmission systems that allow us to promote and transfer clean energy from North America to South America.”

When TheDC followed up to clarify that he was saying Hillary’s “open borders” remark is about “energy policy,” Fallon said, “Yes.” (RELATED: Hillary’s Wall Street Speeches Revealed In Wikileaks Hack)

When asked if Hillary will release the transcripts of her private speeches in order to clarify the context of the leaked excerpts of her speeches, Fallon refused to answer definitively. Fallon would not answer “yes or no,” and instead deflected and called for Republican nominee Donald Trump to release his tax returns.