Hillary’s Greek Tragedy


Joanne Butler Contributor
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Last night was a 2016-style Greek Tragedy for Hillary Clinton.  The women who claim Bill Clinton abused them and Hillary mocked them were watching, their eyes on Herself.  Yes, they were a silent chorus, but their message was clear:  your husband physically hurt us and YOU did worse than nothing – you and your toadies smeared us as being less than human.  For the first time in her life, Hillary had to look at the people her husband had harmed – and see them as human beings, not ‘bimbos,’ ‘trailer park trash,’ etc. Even if Hillary wins in November, I think she lost the respect of many Americans last night.

Trump went where no Republican presidential candidate has gone before – to talk frankly about Bill Clinton’s behavior and Hillary’s part in it.

In 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election versus Bob Dole, can anyone imagine Dole bringing up Clinton’s behavior (stretching back to his attorney general days in Arkansas)?  It just wasn’t done, my dear.  Republicans didn’t talk about those things.  Too unseemly.

Ditto for George H.W. Bush in his failed re-election campaign against Bill in 1992.

Fast-forward to last night’s cutaway to Bill and Chelsea’s reaction. They were gobsmacked, as they realized there was no escape.  The day they never imagined could happen – had happened.

The silent chorus of women were right there; writ large on the jumbotrons.  Maybe Bill and Chelsea could close their eyes, but Hillary could not.

Yes, it was odd that Donald Trump of all people would be speaking for that silent women’s chorus, then again, he’s the only candidate in the past 24 years (going back to 1992) who’s had the guts to speak the truth.  ‘Unseemly’ be dammed.  I’m glad Trump did it.

If Hillary wins on Election Day, I won’t be happy about it, but there’s some consolation in knowing she’s damaged goods.  She’ll bloviate on how she cares about women and children, but (other than the hardcores) who will believe her?  In fact, after decades of public service, I can’t think of anything meaningful Hillary’s done to help women and children (speaking at seminars doesn’t count).  I expect more of the same under a President Hillary.  It’s her choice of Supreme Court nominees is what scares me the most.

I’ll let my nephew Blake have the last word.  Years ago, my husband and I took our nephews to the National Portrait Gallery.  When we arrived at the portrait of Bill Clinton, I asked Blake (age 8 or 9) if he knew anything about this president.  He blushed and replied sheepishly, ‘He wasn’t very nice to his wife.’