An Open Open Letter To Paul Ryan

Veronique Dorey Freelance Writer
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Mr. Speaker,

Do you really want this country to become like France?

I’m really surprised by your current attitude against Donald Trump.

Have you heard about France recently? France is a socialist country facing a huge social security debt and regular terrorist attacks. There is no real economical growth in Europe and one of my activities is to advise French brands looking for growth in the USA as their middle class is disappearing.

What happens to France will happen to any country electing a socialist leader. The middle class will be overwhelmed by too many taxes and regulations, an expensive cost of life and low-paying jobs (less opportunities). Right now, dozens of thousands of American jobs are already transferred to Mexico and China and there is nothing to protect our borders from cheap labor.

So, is it really time to weaken the one Republican nominee chosen by most of your voters Mr.Speaker? Do you prefer giving the keys of the White House away to a socialist?

Illegals, refugees and violent groups (rioters) receive support and freebees from President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are all connected to poor communities who’ll vote for them (and their social vision) one day. How dummy socialists consider their voters? When a free cell phone is given away to a poor African American mother, don’t expect the election to be based on smart reforms.

Don’t you think that winning the Presidential election with Trump and respecting the choice of the majority of your base will actually help the House and Senate to remain Republican?

When you show a distance with the Republican nominee, you offer fatal ammunition to Hillary Clinton against Trump. She’ll use them and you know the consequences. People who are not yet decided will vote for her egregore. They’ll vote for a strong image backed by many forces, they won’t vote for a broken wall. So you have to come forward to help and the entire Republican Party must act together as one.

Are Trump comments so bad that you’ll allow Hillary Clinton to make our life more expensive and more controlled by liberal media? She expects our medical insurances and taxes to pay for more illegals (healthcare and scholarship). Do you agree with that?

By the way, Bill Clinton is worst than Donald Trump. Bill is the guy you should look down on. Did you know that, in France, everybody knows who Monica Lewinsky is? I won’t detail the image coming to all those French minds right away but it’s actually shocking. Do you really consider Hillary Clinton more ethical and moral than Donald Trump when she actually favored her greed and denied the truth regarding her husband sexual misconduct?

Yes, we’ll get some stupid recordings from Trump’s past; they are a trick from Hillary Clinton to divide the Republican Party. It’s how she expects to win. Aren’t you smarter than that?

Your base will cry when the 2nd Amendment will become a souvenir, when taxes will raise and so the cost of healthcare. Hillary Clinton won’t repatriate jobs and billions of dollars of taxes to the USA. Her political program will make run away the last American fortunes able to create jobs and businesses in this country.

Look at France! Do you think that 75% taxes on billionaires will have them stay and recruit in France? No, they’d rather change of nationality and it’s what they do.

A majority of your voters decided that Trump is certainly more competent than any other GOP candidates. They don’t trust your lawmakers because they don’t see any results of your work into their lives. Are you going to let them down and insult their choice?

The socialists and liberals point their fingers at patriots like Trump, just like you do. It’s so easy to accuse somebody of being a misogynist and a racist; these are 2 words that schools and media use as hypnosis techniques against conservatives.  To make things worst, lots of media in Europe, including “business” orientated and conservative networks, trust CNN. A friend of mine is the heir of a TV station in Belgium, a conservative Flemish family founded it. This station is now a CNN affiliate and my friend he’s the Head of a significant TV dpt at the EBU (European Broadcasters Union). They look down on Trump for some ridiculous reasons made up by CNN, with your help and the consent of Hillary Clinton. CNN is a tool at the service of international socialism.  Don’t play their game; don’t give them ammunition to use against us.

Lots of energies are at work against the USA, lots of people in power are paid by foreign interests, and these foreign interests are mostly anti-American. Trump symbolizes a “think big” and “think better” America and that should be your own plan for US.

You know what kill some many French and American tourists in the streets of Nice and Paris? Snobbish politicians taking care of their politically correct establishment. The safety and jobs of their electorate do not really matter.