Click-Thirsty Journalists Run Smear Campaign Against Man Who Asked Debate Question

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Click-thirsty journalists in need of things to write about are now running smear jobs on a man who asked a question at Sunday’s presidential debate.

Ken Bone rose to i nternet fame after asking a question about energy policy at the debate. His mustache, large size and red sweater (along with his last name) quickly earned him the attention of people on Twitter, at which point journalists and pundits led the charge in turning Ken Bone into an internet meme.

On Friday, a writer for liberal website The Daily Beast wrote an article attempting to portray Bone — who has no involvement in politics other than asking a question at the town hall — as a villain for comments he had made online before later becoming an internet sensation.

The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes apparently dug through Bone’s commenting history on Reddit in order to find damning things to write about.

“Ken Bone’s Disturbing Reddit History Shows He’s Not Nearly as Adorable as We Thought,” the headline blared.

Sykes highlight comments Bone had made about hacked nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence that surfaced online, in which Bone appears to admit to looking at the pictures. It’s unclear if Bone was serious or not, and Sykes doesn’t appear to have reached out to Bone for comment before running the story.

Incredibly, Sykes actually claims that the “most damaging” part of Bone’s “disturbing” history is that he said, “From what I read about the case the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified, but from what I’ve learned of Zimmerman through statements, interviews and behavior he is a big ole shit bird.”

After Sykes’ story took off, other mainstream news organizations quickly piled on.

But not everyone approved of the smear campaign against Bone.

And yet the media asks why so many people hate them.

— Carl Paulus (@CarlPaulus) October 14, 2016


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