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Podesta To Young Female Staffer: What Am I, Chopped Liver?

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No, seriously.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg, Media Research Center:

Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta demanding attention from much-younger female Hillary for America policy advisor Kristina Costa…

On March 13, 2015, Podesta sent an email to Costa, asking her, “Are you ignoring me?” in the title of the email. Podesta went on further to ask Costa, “Have I turned into chopped liver?” and asked her to call him: “Can you call [number redacted]”

For the benefit of my millennial readers, Merriam-Webster defines chopped liver as “someone or something that is not important or appealing.” An updated version might be, “What am I, Myspace?” Or if that’s too obscure, maybe, “What am I, OS X Snow Leopard?”

Dear Reader: Does this look like chopped liver to you?

That is not chopped liver.

Since this election has turned into a referendum on the treatment of young women by powerful older men, I think it’s fair to ask: What has Hillary 2016 Chairman John Podesta been doing?