Obama Trash-Talks Protester At Hillary Rally [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Barack Obama threw a little shade on a protester who interrupted his Friday speech in Cleveland, Ohio.

Obama had just made a promise to work as hard as he could when, according to a White House pool reporter at the event, a man yelled, “While you’re not golfing!”

The man then began yelling, “”Bill Clinton’s a rapist! Bill Clinton’s a rapist!” He opened his jacket to reveal a shirt with Clinton’s face on it and the word “RAPE,” according to the pool reporter.

“Hold on a second, young man,” Obama stated while stumping for Hillary Clinton. “Don’t be interrupting everybody. Come on. Come on, sir. Come on.”

Obama then rallied the crowd to start cheering Clinton’s name as the protester was escorted form the premises.

“Come on, everybody. Let’s do our little chant. Hill-ar-y!Hill-ar-y!Hill-ar-y!Hill-ar-y!

“All right, I think we’re OK now,” Obama told the crowd. “I notice this has been happening everywhere, and I keep on telling folks you got to organize your own rallies.”

“If you’re confident about the other guy, just go to his rallies,” the president stated. “I feel confident about my candidate. That’s why I’m at this rally, so you don’t have to spend time over here.”

“Go knock on some doors for your guy. That’s a better way for you to spend your time, unless you’re just being paid to be here, in which case, hey, you know, everybody gotta make a living.”

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