Hidden Camera Video Shows Democrats Sent Agitators To Trump Rallies

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Operatives working for the Democratic National Committees sent agitators to Donald Trump rallies in an attempt to cause violence — an effort that was supported by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The revelation comes from a hidden camera video released Monday by activist James O’Keefe and an email released by Wikileaks. In the video, liberal activists who say they are in contact with the Clinton campaign claim responsibility for violent events which have occurred so far this election.

Scott Foval, National Field Director for a non-profit organization named Americans United for Change, told an undercover reporter, “The [Clinton] campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes the shit.”

What is this “shit” the Foval Group executes? Foval points to Shirley Teeter, a 69-year-old woman who dominated the airwaves after she said she was assaulted at a North Carolina Trump rally.

“She was one of our activists,” Foval said to the undercover reporter, while introducing the phrase “bird dogging.”

“So the term bird dogging, you put people in the line, at the front which means that they have to get there at six in the morning because they have to get in front at the rally, so that when Trump comes down the rope line, they’re the ones asking him the question in front of the reporter, because they’re pre-placed there,” Foval said. “To funnel that kind of operation, you have to start back with people two weeks ahead of time and train them how to ask questions. You have to train them to bird dog.”

The phrase bird dogging also appears in an email chain between top Clinton staffers released by Wikileaks. After Univision chairman Haim Saban suggests that Hillary Clinton go after Trump more on immigration, Clinton aides come up with a plan of action. Xochitl Hinojosa, a communications aide for the Clinton campaign, wrote in her plan, “DREAMers have been bird dogging Republican presidential candidates on DACA/DAPA, but they’ve learned to respond. There’s an opportunity to bird dog and record questions about Trump’s comments and connect it to the policy.”

Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, replied, “Looks good.”


The group which pays Foval, Democracy Partners, is run by Bob Creamer, husband of Democratic Rep. Jan Shakowsky, who plead guilty to tax violations and bank fraud in 2005.

Creamer told an undercover reporter, “And the Democratic Party apparatus and the people from the campaign, the Clinton campaign and my role with the campaign, is to manage all that.”

“Wherever Trump and Pence are gonna be we have events,” Creamer added.

Two of Creamer’s underlings in the video, Zulema Rodriguez and Aaron Black take credit for organizing the March Chicago protest which made Trump cancel his rally and left police officers injured.

Rodriguez told an undercover reporter, “So, [Black] and I did the Chicago Trump event where we shut down like all the yeah.” Rodriguez also said, “I just had a call with the campaign and the DNC, every day at one o’clock.”

Rodriguez in the video also cops to organizing a March Arizona protest which shut down a road leading to a Trump event.

Aaron Black’s real name is also Aaron Minter, he was previously arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests for vandalizing subways. Minter told an undercover reporter, “I’m basically deputy rapid response director for the DNC for all things Trump on the ground.” He added, “Yeah, and nobody is really supposed to know about me.”

When Foval spoke about the events he organizes he said, “There’s a script of engagement. Sometimes the crazies bite and sometimes the crazies don’t bite.”

“When they’re outside the rally, the media will cover it no matter where it happens. The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic,” Foval continued.  “I mean honestly, it is not hard to get some of these assholes to pop off. It’s a matter of showing up, to want to get into the rally, in a Planned Parenthood t-shirt. Or, Trump is a Nazi, you know. You can message to draw them out, and draw them to punch you.”

He said that, “The whole point is that we know Trump’s people will freak the fuck out, his security team will freak out, and his supporters will lose their shit.”

“If you’re there and you’re protesting and you do these actions, you will be attacked at Trump rallies. That’s what we want,” Foval added.

Foval in the video said, “We have to be really careful because, because what we don’t need is for it to show up on CNN that the DNC paid for X people to, that’s not going to happen.”