Biden: Trump Is ‘So Stupid… He Doesn’t Understand The Damage He’s Doing’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Vice President Joe Biden took another shot at Donald Trump’s intelligence on Thursday.

According to Mediaite, Biden laid into the Republican nominee while stumping for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.


“Trump “is so stupid that he doesn’t understand — no, no it’s possible,” Biden said over laughs from the pro-Hillary crowd. “It’s possible he doesn’t understand the damage he’s doing.”

Biden then went on to lambast Trump’s claim that the election is rigged, one of his hardest hit talking points from Wednesday night’s debate.


“The things that Donald Trump is saying and doing are genuinely a threat to the Democratic process which is based on trust. Think about what it is. No Democratic process can be sustained without a sense of trust,” he explained. “Not only is he disqualified by all the press has been talking about today and what he’s talking about because … he’s questioning the legitimacy of our democracy.”

“If you assert that a Democratic election is fixed, you are attacking the very notion that we have a Democratic system.”

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