Fall Is Here, And So Are The New Sam Adams Beers

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Fall is now officially here. As leaves turn shades of orange and pumpkins adorn the stoops of American neighborhoods, many of the nation’s breweries are breaking out some new seasonal fall brews.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was lucky enough to get its hands on six of Samuel Adams’ fall seasonal brews, including its newest editions: Bonfire Blonde, Maple Ale, 20 Pounds Of Pumpkin, and a few others.

Donachie Sam Adams imagesSamuel Adams Bonfire Blonde

When poured, Bonfire Blonde has a pale, golden body with an ever so subtle, but tangible, head.

img_0742Robert Donachie/The Daily Caller News Foundation

As soon as this beer hit the glass, the smokey aroma immediately brought me back to the nights camping with friends on the Appalachian Trail. As the scent rises from the glass it hits the nostrils, eliciting a taste in the mouth that is almost completely analogous to the aroma of standing around a roaring campfire.

Once on the tongue, this beer brings it hard and fast with the smoke. And that smokey flavor lasts from popping the cap to the last frothy swig.

Samuel Adams used Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops, which find their way to America via Germany, and add citrusy tones that complement the smokey, spicy flavor of this brew.

The most interesting twist is the use of acidulated malt. When used in small amounts, this malt creates a sharp, dry characteristic, but used in larger amounts, it produces a sour flavor similar to a traditional German Berliner Weisse. In this beer, acidulated malt brings the just the right amount of sour to compliment the smokey flavor.

As far as food pairings are concerned, I would suggest a rack of ribs or healthy slab of brisket. Get yourself dirty covered in BBQ sauce while enjoy this backyard delight.

Bondfire Blonde is available nationwide from August through October 2016.

Samuel Adams Maple Ale

I cannot speak enough to the color of this beer, as it evokes the color of fall’s most beautiful foliage. This ale has deep red, medium-body with strong tones of maple syrup, with notes of caramel, and a hint of pine.

img_0744Robert Donachie/The Daily Caller News Foundation

Maple Ale is brewed with naked oats, a version of crystal malt, and Chinook hops, a high alpha bittering hop which produces grapefruit, spice, and piney aromas. Naked oats produces a nutty flavor that is complemented well by the the fruity tones of the Chinook hops. This is a great beer to sit by the fire with or outside on a porch on a cool fall evening.

This beer would also be perfect with a bowl of salty beer nuts, or some sharp cheddar, or even a loaf of bread.

Samuel Adams 20 Pounds Of Pumpkin

img_0741Robert Donachie/The Daily Caller News Foundation

Typically, I am not a fan of pumpkin flavored products. Whether it be pumpkin bread or coffee, I usually keep my distance.

20 Pounds of Pumpkin, however, is an exception I am willing to make. With its dark amber body and spicy and sweet aromas, this ale brings shades of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving dinner.

When it hits the palate, this beer brings about rich, deep tones of pumpkin, caramel, and roasted malt.

Traditionally pumpkin was used as a substitute in the brewing process when malts were scarce or otherwise hard to find. Samuel Adams brewed this batch with 20 pounds of real pumpkin from the Pacific Northwest and South East. Brewers then added in caramel and roasted malts, giving it its dark flavor.

To top this pumpkin masterpiece, brewers added cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. 20 Pounds of Pumpkin finishes smooth and crisp, making it the perfect beer to ride out autumn into the winter.

Pour yourself this beer with some pumpkin pie, roast turkey or pork, or, hell, even some apple pie or carrot cake.


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