Hooray For The Tar Heels

Paul H. Yarbrough Freelance Writer
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Hooray for Tar Heels. They, indeed, stuck to their ground like they had tar on their heels. They told the nouveau riche, thumb-sucking, burnt-coffee drinking, sissy runts at PayPal to take their operations center and stick it in California or Washington or some other land-of-opportunity for the minions of PC worshipers. These lands build and worship monuments to madness, and glory in them. Let them. But North Carolina has said no for themselves. Again, Hooray for the Tar Heels.

In typical Southern graciousness, the State of North Carolina via its commerce department offered a bowl carved from an oak tree struck by lightning to PayPal for bringing their operations center to the Tar Heel State and with it the employment of 400 workers. But now, North Carolina has said, “give us the bowl back.” Sadly, these jobs will be lost. But more than 400 North Carolinian men lost their lives at places like Roanoke Island for principle. The recent sacrifice of the 400 at least have stood-for- principle to soothe their loss.

For once, a stand has been taken against this progressive horde of doctrinaire demons who have decided anyone who esteems and respects taught-at-the knee-lessons of father and mother via their beliefs must be punished if they can’t be bought.

The land of the free and the brave has rapidly devolved (evolved equals slow) into a land of shackled cowards by these new-money damnable monsters with officious titles like CEOs and Spokesperson in commerce, and secretary of something or another in the glorious, bloated, government.

From wonder-person CEO Dan Schulman: “It perpetuates discrimination, and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.”  Really? PayPal’s mission is to allow boys and girls, and men and women to mix and match (or mismatch) in the bathroom. This is your mission? This is your culture? And your values and principles? I didn’t know. I wasn’t informed of that when I signed up for your service. Thanks for the belated information. Now I can tell you what the Tar Heels told you–stick it.

Once sometime in the past Dick Cheney, political professional, refused to attend a funeral of an old friend because the friend had requested a Confederate Battle Flag be displayed at his service. I wonder if Dick has any friends in North Carolina whose funeral he will not attend due to the bathrooms at the church are not commensurate with PayPal’s values. This is government-type emulation of PayPal.

It is impossible to Google the subject of the Confederate flag and not find strident remarks about it and its service. That may be because those of us who understand its history are outnumbered. I don’t know. But I do know this: rich nouveau riche men and singing ladies are dropping to a knee instead of standing with thrust heart when the star Spangle Banner plays; when Old Glory waves. Maybe some people who ought to know better need to rethink what’s happening in the world we are seeing changed. And I am not talking climate change.

Maybe the Tar Heels have started the fight to fight back. I hope so.