‘Morning Joe’ Points Out MAJOR No-No Regarding Bill And The Clinton Foundation [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The “Morning Joe” crew asked a glaring question about the ongoing Clinton Foundation scandals on Thursday.

If Clinton Global Initiative board members — a la Doug Band — were held to specific conflict of interests guidelines, why weren’t the Clintons themselves?

Host Joe Scarborough noted that “there is no doubt” that the Clintons “trade in, not only to make money, on their public service, they make a ton of money on their public service.”

“Yes they do a lot of good,” he continued. “But in Chelsea Clinton’s own words, they quote ‘hustle for business,’ they hustle for personal enrichment at CGI.”

“One of the more damning things in the email that people are focused on, Doug Band said ‘I’m subject to these conflict of interests as a board member with CGI,'” added Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin. “‘Why isn’t President Clinton subject to those same things?'”

“Do you think voters know this about the Clintons and this may not move the needle since its already baked in?” followed-up Scarborough.

Halperin stated he thinks “a lot of voters are aware of this as part of the honesty and trustworthy problem that she’s had, but it’s mostly about turnout.”

“None of this is brand new information. I don’t think any of this will bring the campaign to the stand still.”

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