Why David Horowitz Loved Donald Trump From The Start

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Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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CAMARILLO, Calif. — For David Horowitz, Donald Trump’s candidacy was a love affair from the beginning.

Horowitz explained why in the latest episode of “The Jamie Weinstein Show,” where the former New Left activist turned conservative firebrand also discussed what he loves most about Trump, his decision to call Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew,” his influences and much more.


Show Map:

  • When David Horowitz met Hillary Clinton (6:14)
  • His initial impression of Donald Trump (11:18)
  • Why #NeverTrump is wrong (14:41)
  • Responding to the conservative critiques of Donald Trump (18:27)
  • Why Hillary Clinton is evil (42:16)
  • Horowitz on the Alt-Right (47:01)
  • Defending his “Renegade Jew” column (50:18)
  • On Christopher Hitchens, Cornel West, George W. Bush and Matt Drudge (50:21)
  • Lessons from his career (1:03:57)
  • On his influences (1:11:42)

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Though he says he didn’t officially support a candidate in the Republican primary, Horowitz admits he “really enjoyed Trump from the outset because he was so politically incorrect.”

“For years I’ve been frustrated by Republicans and by conservatives who are too damn polite when it comes to confronting Democrats and thethreat posed by the left,” Horowitz, who runs David Horowitz Freedom Center and Frontpagemag.com, said. “Republicans and conservatives can get very blood thirsty when they’re attacking each other. But they put on the velvet gloves when they’re talking about or to Democrats. And Trump wasn’t doing that. I thought that was great.”

“‘Crooked Hillary,'” he mused, using Trump’s name for his Democratic rival. “I loved that. He was the first person to call Hillary a liar. The first one to call her a crook. How refreshing was that?”

Horowitz has gotten in heated arguments with those conservatives refusing to get behind Trump, losing lifelong friendships in the process. But his passion stems from the fact he believes conservatives are actually at “war” with the left “for the country” and that obligates conservatives to stand behind the Republican nominee.

“Once the Republican Party, which is the only party able to oppose them, decides on a candidate, if you don’t support that candidate, you’re basically aiding and abetting the enemy,” he argued.

To those who argue Trump is not a conservative, Horowitz says, “The most conservative thing you can be is to stand up and call Hillary Clinton a crook and a liar, and say they’re rigging the system, which they are, and they’re engaged in electoral fraud and face down the Democratic Party.”

Horowitz is convinced Hillary Clinton does not just have bad policies, but is actually “evil.”

[dcquiz] “Because she wants to destroy this country, because she’s a cynical liar,” he said, explaining his reasoning. “She’s destroyed individuals. I mean, they send goons — Hillary, the DNC, the White House — send goons to Trump’s Chicago rally. They got police injured. If we didn’t live in America — it’s still America — we’d be back in the ’30s in Germany where the Nazis and the communists went in and blew up social Democrats’ meetings to destroy the Weimar democracy, which they were successful in doing.”

After going through a litany of all the crimes and horrors he believes Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have perpetrated, Horowitz implored NeverTrumpers to get in line.

“Come on!” he exclaimed. “This is the war. And Trump is a general in this war and that’s why Trumpers support him.”

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