Howard Dean: Comey Is Now Siding With Putin

Sputnik/Kremlin/Mikhail Klimentyev/via REUTERS

Scott Greer Contributor
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Hillary Clinton surrogate and former Vermont governor Howard Dead declared Saturday morning that FBI director James Comey is now on the same side as Russian President Vladimir Putin after re-opening the agency’s investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee emails.

“Comey tried to do what he thought was right,” Dean tweeted out early Saturday in response to Comey’s Friday announcement. “He totally botched the presentation and may have destroyed the credibility of the FBI forever.”

In a follow-up tweet, Dean made the Russian connection.

“Ironically Comey put himself on the same side as Putin,” the Clinton supporter tweeted.

The Clinton campaign and their allies have blamed many of their problems — such as the WikiLeaks revelations — on Russia and frequently accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of being a Putin puppet.

Another Democrat, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, also brought Russia into the conversation surrounding the FBI’s Clinton investigation on CNN Friday as he wondered whether the Eurasian country may have a role in the new developments.

“So the question is: Where did these [new emails] come from? How did they get to the FBI? Is Russia involved in this? We don’t have a clue where this stuff is coming from,” Ryan told Wolf Blitzer.

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